March 25, 2022 2 min read

Welcome to the Golden Hour series where we’re spending the day with social media content creator and marketer Trisha (@trishaddr)Read on to find out more about her, what she does in a day, and how she styles her favorite pieces.

There are two types of jewelry owners: those who prefer their collection on display and those who’d rather have most pieces tucked away.

Trisha is part of the former group. To her, visibly storing studs, hoops, and cuffs at once is slightly strategic.

 “I like seeing everything at once to make it easy to choose.”

With a full schedule including a whole shoot-slash-workday ahead, she reaches for pieces she knows she can rely on: the Venus Hoops, Venice Necklace, Croissant Ring, and Jane Ring.

Meant to be worn in situations exactly like this, the chic Venice Necklace is perfect for days where an outfit’s begging for a stunning statement stack but there’s also the worry of being weighed down in an entangled mess.

Worry no more. Even better, with such a bold double-layered style, expect to be happily surprised at how easily-pairable and versatile the Venice Necklace is, even with the plainest of outfits.

After accessorizing, Trisha slips out the door and heads to her shoot — but not before stopping for a bite for lunch (Italian, of course).

Trisha’s appreciation for jewelry is rooted in the emotional satisfaction it provides. Moving away from the idea of wearing jewelry solely for an aesthetic advantage, her focus is on how the pieces make her feel. 

“Putting on jewelry makes me feel beautiful. Agree?”

Following a successful photoshoot, Trisha sips on a cup of coffee while knocking some work tasks off her to-do list.

She takes a moment to reflect at the end of all the hustle, graceful and generous with what she’s learned while working as a content creator.

“Just be in the present and be you. This is still something I try to remind myself each day, especially since I have a job in social media. It’s so easy to compare, but I always remind myself that comparison is the thief of joy and I should just simply be who I am because that is enough. ”