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What’s an illusion earring? How do you wear ear cuffs? Get the scoop and elevate your styling game with this expert earring guide.

Earring Styles

Hoop earring

One of the most popular types of earrings, hoop earrings are circular or semi-circular-shaped. Hoops with larger diameters are often worn as statement pieces, though there are also hoop designs suitable for everyday wear.

Stud earring

The most popular earring type, most designs sit on the earlobe and have a post that goes through the ear lobe. Some examples include birthstone, pearl, and diamond studs. Stud earrings are often used in earring stacks.


Chain earring

These are made with chains that hang from earring backs or cuffs, with one end connected to an earring stud or hoop. Similar to a dangler earring, chain earrings add movement and dimension to a look.

Huggie earring

Huggie earrings or ear huggers are small hoops that cling close to the ear lobe. These are known for being an earring style you can comfortably sleep in and wear day-to-day.


Gabbie Huggies

Ear climber

Ear climbers, like their name suggests, make their way up the ear. These often look like elongated studs with twisted or curved designs.

Drop earring

Drop earrings hang down from the ear lobe, featuring a gemstone that drops from a hook or post. These can be either long or short, however, these don't swing or move as much as dangler earrings.

Threader earring

Threader earrings thread through the ear lobe and hang down the back of the ear. Because of this design, they stay in without the need for a back or closure.

Ear cuff

A way to style the ear without the need for piercings, these usually hook over or on the outside of the ear. Ear cuffs redefine ear accessories, offering a fresh and accessible take on traditional earrings.


Zoe Gold Cuffs

Dangler earring

Dangler earrings are long, swinging earrings that drape down from the earlobe. Recently embraced by men, these usually have a thinner or more line-like vertical hanging portion in comparison to chandelier earrings, which have a design that is more spread out.

Cluster earring

Cluster earrings feature a grouping of gemstones that are set closely together to resemble one larger stone. These most commonly come in round or square stud form.

Chandelier earring

Chandelier earrings are often lengthy and designed with gemstones. These are meant to make a statement and are best paired with occasion wear.

Tassel earring

Tassel earrings are generally colorful and have long threads of fabric or yarn that hang from the earring base. Similar to chain and dangler earrings, these sometimes move when worn.

Illusion earring

Illusion earrings help wearers create the illusion of a multi-earring stack. These provide a curated look without the need for additional piercings.


Emma Gold Huggies

Types of Earring Backs


Butterfly earring backs, also known as clutch backs, are the most common type of earring back. These consist of two small wings that are set together.


Silicone earring backs are made of soft plastic. Arguably the most comfortable earring back type, these are usually used for earrings with delicate posts.


Latch earring backs are connected to the earring, consisting of a closed or u-shaped loop and a post that is inserted through it. These are most often seen on larger hoop earrings.


Twilly Gold Hoops


Clip-on earring backs are circular or semi-circular clips that secure the earring to the ear lobe. This allows people without piercings to wear earrings.


Screw earring backs twist onto grooved earring posts to secure the earring in place. These are the most secure type of earring back and are often used for earrings with diamonds or precious stones.

FAQ About Earrings

What are some must-know tips for wearing earrings?

Avoid applying perfume or lotion while wearing earrings, as the chemicals can interact with the material and cause damage. The same goes for hair sprays and styling products. Also, be sure to accessorize after applying makeup to prevent cosmetic residues from affecting your earrings.

How do you store earrings?

Away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place like a jewelry box. You can wrap them in a soft cloth to prevent tarnishing and discoloration, separate earrings made of different metals to avoid potential reactions or corrosion, and consider using moisture-absorbing packets to mitigate humidity.


Jewelry Box

What should I do if I lose an earring back?

Trythis handy earring hack: cut the eraser from an unused pencil and pierce the pole of the earring through its center.

How do you wear ear cuffs?

This depends on the style of the ear cuff. Some are made with an open design, allowing you to adjust their fit and hook them onto the outside of your ear. Those made with a closed design are simply worn by being placed on top of the ear.


You can also choose to mix it up or add on, depending on the style of the cuff or the look you’re going for. With delicate ear cuffs, you can even wear two for a bolder statement.

How do you clean earrings?

Start by using a soft, lint-free cloth to gently wipe away surface dirt and oils. For crevices, try a cotton bud. Avoid using a jewelry brush as it may rub off the gold layer. For delicate materials like pearls, refrain from soaking them in water or leaving them wet.


earring care tips


Final Thoughts

With the perfect pair in place, every ear becomes a canvas, ready to showcase a masterpiece of personal style. For enduring yet budget-friendly earrings crafted with hypoallergenic and non-tarnishing materials, choose Penny Pairs.


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