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What’s best for casual vs. formal looks? Why is it called a tennis bracelet? Dive into this guide on all things bracelets – including on-trend styles, common materials, and answers to all your burning questions.

Bracelet Styles

Friendship bracelet

What makes these bracelets meaningful is the act of exchanging or pairing them. Beyond aesthetics, any bracelet can be considered a friendship bracelet if it symbolizes the bond and affection between friends. 

Bicep bracelet

Another popular trend in recent years, these arm bracelets make a striking fashion statement. Frequently chosen to complement sleeveless or off-shoulder outfits, bicep bracelets highlight the upper arms.


Cuffs are usually open-ended and can be either rigid or slightly flexible. These were worn throughout ancient history by the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans.

Charm bracelet

One of the most widely worn styles,charm bracelets are fashioned with decorative findings like beads, pendants, or gemstones. They’re typically made with metal links and a clasp.

Chain bracelet

There are many different kinds of chain bracelets, with styles including Figaro, box, Byzantine, paperclip, curb, rope, and wheat. These are mostly made with metals like silver, gold, or platinum and are suitable for both casual and formal looks.


Frances Gold Bracelet

Rave kandi

Rave kandi bracelets are colorful and often made with plastic beads, elastic cording, and charms. These can be exchanged with a handshake as a show of peace, love, unity, and respect.

Slap bracelet

Slap bracelets are typically made of flexible metal or plastic. Enjoyed and worn by kids and teens during the 80s and 90s, these are stiff when straightened out and curl when snapped around the wrist.

Engravable bracelet

Engravable bracelets have a metallic tag but can also be made with various other materials, including leather or fabric. A solid gift option, these can be engraved to commemorate special occasions or relationships.

Birthstone bracelet

Wearing a birthstone is believed to bring good fortune, meaning for those born in May, wearing an emerald brings luck and prosperity. A statement bracelet that celebrates one's unique identity, it’s perfect as a birthday gift.


Aspen Gold Bracelet

Wrap bracelet

These can twirl around the wrist or arm multiple times, creating an eye-catching concentric pattern or multi-layered style. Because of this unique design, a wrap bracelet offers adjustable sizing just like a wrap ring


Unlike wrist or arm bracelets, ankle bracelets or anklets wrap around the ankle. These are best for casual looks or settings and are popularly worn during warm weather months.


popular trend this past year, bangles are traditionally worn by Indian brides during weddings. These are ordinarily rigid or inflexible and generally don't have clasps, though there are also open-bangle designs.

Tennis bracelet

These were popularized by tennis player Chris Evert, hence the name tennis bracelet. Also known as eternity bracelets, they are made up of linked gemstones, are known for their classic yet statement-making style, and are perfect for more formal events.


Courtney Gold Bracelet

Bracelet Materials


For some groups, bead bracelets have a spiritual or tribal importance. African and Native American cultures as well as religions like Christianity and Hinduism all have a long history of or traditions that involve beadwork.


Pearl bracelets can be made with freshwater, baroque, cultured, Tahitian, South Sea, or Akoya pearls. As pearls are both a bridal tradition and are associated with the 30th wedding anniversary, pearl bracelets are a great gift or accessory for a wedding or a 30th anniversary.


Gemstone bracelets can be made with stones like turquoise or jade and are often worn for special purposes, such as to bring the wearer protection, happiness, or prosperity. Historically, these were also worn as symbols of power and wealth.


This is an excellent choice for bracelets due to its timeless appeal and durability. Offering variety in both color and construction, gold bracelets can come in yellow, rose, or white gold and can be solid gold, gold-filled, gold vermeil, or gold-plated.


Herringbone Bracelet


The most popular type of gemstone bracelet, diamond bracelets exude luxury and class. These can also be paired with a range of ensembles including formal attire, casual-chic outfits, and even sportswear, as exemplified by the tennis bracelet.


Leather bracelets are known for their casual, boho-chic, or surfer style. More commonly worn by men, they usually come in colors like black, brown, or gray and sometimes feature clasps, buckles, or even pearls.


Sterling silver or 925 silver, silver-plated, and silver vermeil bracelets are great for everyday wear as they mesh well with any color. Silver bracelets also work well when layered with white gold or pearl pieces.


Isabel Silver Bracelet

FAQ About Bracelets

How should a bracelet fit?

The exact fit varies from person to person, as some may prefer tighter fits than others. However, both children’s, women's, and men's bracelets should allow some movement.

How loose should a bracelet be?

Loose enough to be comfortable, though it shouldn’t slip up or down more than a few inches. It helps to be able to fit 1 or 2 fingers comfortably in between your wrist and the bracelet.

How do I measure my bracelet size?

By wrapping a tape measure or a string around your wrist or noting the length. Be sure to consider the space between your bracelet and wrist and don’t forget that bracelet sizes can vary from store to store.

Which wrist should I wear a bracelet on?

This also depends on your personal preference. Consider your dominant hand or the wrist you wear your watch on, as it may feel better to wear it on the opposite wrist so there’s less risk of the bracelet getting caught on an item or scratching your watch.


You can also consider the type of bracelet you're wearing and what setting you'll be wearing it in. For example, thick or large bangles could make it difficult for you to write, cook, or use certain items.

Which way do I wear a bracelet with text?

How visible do you want the text to be? If you're fine with others reading it, wear your bracelet with the text facing outward. Or for a more personal reminder, wear it facing inward.

Which ankle should I wear an anklet on?

Wearing an anklet is just like wearing a bracelet, sochoose what works and feels best for you. Remember to consider your dominant foot, and any upcoming events or activities, especially ball or board sports.


an infographic describing how to wear bracelets

Final Thoughts

With a wide range of styles and materials, bracelets can help you to express your personal style and taste in a way no other accessory can. For a high-quality and long-lasting bracelet that won't break the bank, Penny Pairs is your top choice.


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