January 08, 2024 2 min read

Here's what you should know about complementary gemstones, designs, undertones, color shades, and occasion-appropriate styling for your green ensemble - because fashion isn't just about the clothes you wear, but how you adorn yourself. 

What color and style jewelry goes with a green dress

Pairing gemstones with a green dress

Opt for pearls to add an air of sophistication or to bring class to your look. These delicate materials pair exceptionally well with the richness of green.

You can also add emeralds, jade, or peridot if you want your green dress to take center stage. These will subtly enhance your style, helping you to create a chic monochrome look.

Pairing neutral tones and metallics with a green dress

Gold, silver, white, and black are your best friends when styling a green dress. If you’re a fan of mixing metals, be careful when doing that with a green dress as it can be overwhelming. It can help to focus on one dominant metal toneand incorporate smaller accents of another one.

Pairing designs with a green dress

Nature-themed jewelry featuring leaf or floral designs often integrates well with the natural aesthetic of a green dress.

Pairing dress undertones with jewelry

When choosing what color jewelry goes with your green dress, consider its undertone. This is the key to a harmonious look. For warm undertones, choose gold, brass, and warm-toned stones like citrine, amber, or tiger’s eye. For cool undertones, go with silver, white gold, platinum, and cool-toned stones like sapphire, amethyst, or turquoise.

How to accessorize a green dress based on the shade of green

Emerald green is a deep, rich green with an elegant and luxurious energy. It pairs well with emerald stones as well as gold and silver accessories. 

Mint green is a light, fresh green with a hint of blue. Silver jewelry or delicate pastel accessories enhance the airy and feminine qualities of mint green dresses. 

Olive green is a muted, natural green with a touch of brown. Earth-toned jewelry, such as brown or gold pieces, complements olive green dresses. 

Lime green is a vibrant, energetic green with a yellow undertone. For this, playful and bold accessories in contrasting colors like turquoise to add a lively touch.

How to accessorize a green dress for a casual vs. formal occasion

Avoid color clashes and over-accessorizing

With green being such a strong color, it can be too easy to end up with an awkward, unbalanced, or busy look — especially if color shades are discordant or there are too many attention-grabbing bold pieces. 

Balance bold and subtle elements

For casual occasions, you can experiment with stacked necklaces or bracelets. It can help to stick to layering with delicate styles, as this can elevate a green dress ensemble without overwhelming it. 

For formal occasions, it might be best to choose a statement piece – it could be bold earrings, a chunky necklace, or an eye-catching bracelet. Let this piece be the focal point.