January 25, 2024 1 min read

In-House Jewelry Designing

Conceptualizing and Sketching

When conceptualizing, the Penny Pairs team tries to consider both the latest trends and timeless elegance. After that, sketching is like the opening act—the moment when ideas start to flirt with reality. 

Jewelry case sketch

Measuring and Rendering

When measuring and rendering, even the tiniest miscalculation can throw off the design. Nailing proportions is the secret sauce to making a piece truly shine.


The sampling stage is when proportions and contours are analyzed, and the feel of the piece is considered. 

Watch the Sabine Ring come to life in a sample.

Small Batch Producing

During production, quality over quantity is the mantra. Small batches help maintain a high level of precision and quality.

Factory Fun Fact: Penny Pairs only works with manufacturers that can guarantee decent working hours, a living wage, occupational health & safety, no child labor, and no discrimination in the factory.

Woman in green working on jewelry at a desk
Woman with pink mask working on jewelry at a desk
Woman in blue making jewelry under a lamp
Jewelry being made on a desk

Wear Testing

Taking anywhere from weeks to months, the rigorous wear tests ensure that Penny Pairs pieces are suitable for daily wear and will stand the test of time.

Wanna see a wear test in action? Here's our PR Manager Nicolette testing out the Quinn Necklace.

And that's a wrap on the jewelry-making process! Crafting pieces goes far beyond considering aesthetics, so next time you put on a Penny Pairs creation, remember – it's not just jewelry; it's a testament to meticulous workmanship and exceptional quality.