October 06, 2023 4 min read

Whether you want something that makes a bold statement or a signature piece for everyday wear, you’ve got an abundance of necklace varieties to choose from. Here's everything you need to know about necklace styles, materials, and lengths.

Necklace Styles

Illusion necklaces

Illusion necklaces or layered necklaces are multi-chain necklaces that allow the wearer to pull off a layered style without having to wear more than one necklace. These are an affordable, quick, and easy way to own a fashion-forward necklace stack.

Pendant necklaces

A pendant necklace features a decorative ornament hanging from a chain. Pendants can be made from various materials and adorned with unique designs, gemstones, or symbols, making this necklace style incredibly versatile.


gold necklace with flower pendant

Locket necklaces

locket necklace features a small hinged compartment meant to display photos or store other small items. If you're looking for a gift for a friend or partner, these are an excellent option as they can be sentimental.

Statement necklaces

statement necklace makes a definitive stylistic impact and stands out from the crowd. These can be layered, thick, bold, colorful, or eye-catching.


the Venice necklace, a layered statement illusion necklace

Charm necklaces

These necklaces feature small charms or symbols of religion, nature, and more. As personalizable designs, these are one way to tell a story or make a piece uniquely your own.

Engravable necklaces

Ideal for those wanting a customized necklace or a necklace with their name on it, engravable necklaces usually feature metal pendants with words, dates, or other designs carved into them.


gold engravable bar necklace

Figaro chain necklaces

This Italian style was widely worn and manufactured in Italy back in the day, its name inspired by the famous opera "The Marriage of Figaro" by Mozart. Often worn by men, the Figaro chain has a pattern of several short links followed by one long link.

Paperclip chain necklaces

paperclip chain is a modern statement piece made from interlocking oval or rectangular links of metal. One of the top necklace trends of 2023, some designs can even be fashioned into charm necklaces.


gold paperclip chain necklace

Religious necklaces

religious necklace often features a metal pendant carved into or engraved with symbols like crucifixes or saints. This necklace style is commonly worn as a means of spiritual protection or an expression of faith.

Rope chain necklaces

A rope chain is made with twisted rope-like links of metal. This necklace style is known for its durability and for being strong enough to carry the weight of a heavier pendant.

Snake chain necklaces

Another current trend, a snake chain necklace is composed of tightly-joined links of metal continuously held together in a pattern resembling a snake. This gives the design a sleek, smooth, and ultra-flexible feel.


the Quinn necklace, a chunky gold snake chain necklace

Necklace Materials


popular 2023 trend among mengold necklaces are a timeless staple. These can be solid gold, gold-filled, gold vermeil, or gold-plated, depending on the budget and style preference. (Learn about the different types of gold jewelry in this article: Complete Jewelry Guide.)


Silver necklaces are known for their cool sheen and unpretentious style. These also come in wide varieties, including sterling silver or 925 silver, silver-plated, and vermeil.


silver curb chain necklace


Gemstone necklaces are composed of precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Typically set in gold or silver settings, gemstone necklaces are worn for their health benefits, to represent the wearer's birthstone, or simply for their beauty.


Pearl necklaces are great for adding a classic touch to any outfit. Now trending among men, these can be made with freshwater pearls, baroque pearls, cultured pearls, Tahitian pearls, South Sea pearls, or Akoya pearls.


gold necklace with Freshwater Baroque Pearl pendant

Necklace Lengths


A collar necklace is the shortest length at around 30-33cm. These look great when worn with t-shirts or high necklines and are easy to layer with other necklaces of a longer style.


Choker necklaces are 36-38cm in length and are known for their delicate yet edgy style. Designed to fit snugly around the neck, these are another current trend — though they first gained popularity in the 90s.


Princess necklaces are not only ideal for pendants and charms but are also appropriate for both formal and casual events since these are usually 41-46 cm and sit just below the collarbone. Known for its universal appeal, the beauty of this length is that it looks great on everyone.




gold necklace with bead pendant


Typically 51-61cm, matinee necklaces land around the bust area and are the perfect length for layering multiple necklaces. These are also a great option for styling turtlenecks or similar clothing items, as they help to balance out high necklines.


This is an excellent choice for taller or larger body types. An opera necklace ranges from 66cm to 86cm and can be worn looped two or three times for a shorter statement if desired.


Averaging 91cm, a rope-length necklace usually reaches the belly button or waist. These often come in a lariat style, which forms a y-shape and features a long linear drop.


necklace styles lengths infographic

Final Thoughts

The right necklace can add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. If you're on the hunt for a long-lasting yet affordable necklace made with materials that are hypoallergenic and non-tarnishing, consider Penny Pairs.


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