March 04, 2022 2 min read

Curious about a day in the life of a beauty influencer?

Come behind the scenes as Ms. Kumu Global 2021, Iman (@iman.chesca) walks us through her day, sharing what she loves about jewelry along the way. 

Whether it’s singing, streaming, modeling, pageantry, or painting, Iman’s talents are fueled by her passion and drive. She believes that a motivated mindset is extremely necessary in honing your craft.

From first performing at the age of 14, to her first show, the Ms. Mandaluyong Pageant 2020, to being crowned winner of ​​Ms. Kumu Global 2021, Iman has been a strong creative force with a go-getter mentality.

Miss Kumu Global 2021

She’s unafraid to share how she’s grown in self-love and self-acceptance — with a feed full of #nomakeup selfies and #glowup TikToks to prove it. An advocate for self-care, Iman ​​takes her show-winning confidence from her essentials: skincare, cuddles from her cats, and jewelry.

“Having jewelry on just makes me feel so much better in the sense that I personally feel put-together.” 

To power through a not-so-great morning, Iman falls back on her go-to self-care rituals: journaling, a face mask, and taking a meditative moment to choose which jewelry to wear.

Her ear stack for the day is a trio of Hazel Studs, Thalia Gold Cuffs, and Hailey Gold Hoops.

Outfit changes often come with the job of being a content creator, so after breakfast and some emails, Iman slips on the Chunky Snake Necklace, Signet Gold Ring, Ella Gold Ring, and Paperclip Charm Bracelet.

Left: Signet Ring, Ella Ring, Paperclip Charm Bracelet

After filming, Iman sneaks in some kitten cuddles before ending the day with a well-deserved nail appointment and slimming treatment.